Thông điệp từ HĐTV

Dear valued customers!
On behalf of Hoan Cau Group and all its subsidiaries, I would like to welcome and offer my wishes of good health and success to our valued customers.
For over 20 years of constant development along with the changes of the national economy, leaving behind all difficulties of the early opening, Hoan Cau has currently become one of the leading multi-sector business corporations in Vietnam.
Hoan Cau not only carries out practical and useful projects but also contributes to transform the country as well. Gaining vast experience in years, we strongly believe in the importance of developing the projects, products and services of excellent quality in an effort to bring true value to and enrich lives of our customers. In addition, Hoan Cau ensures of the most time-saving projects, the most cost-effective products and the most comprehensive services.
Hoan Cau Group takes pride in the fact that, in the difficult economic circumstance of the entire financial and real estate industry, it remains stable in all businesses and is able to ensure the quality and credibility with investors. Honesty, safety, and compliance with the provisions of law are the foundation and the guiding principles of building trust in customers and partners of Hoan Cau Group for many years.
While internal resources are factors promoting Hoan Cau’s development, the shareholders and customers are the driving forces leading to the stable operation and growth of Hoan Cau. "Always on the move" is the commitment  of Hoan Cau to what we have done, are doing and will do.
Once again, on behalf of the Hoan Cau Group, I would like to express deep gratitude to all of our shareholders and customers who have been contributing to the continuous growth of the Hoan Cau Group. We expect to continue to receive the trust and support from investors and especially the further efforts from all officers and staff working at Hoan Cau Group. Let's unite for a Prosperous - Sustainable - Powerful Hoan Cau Group!

MadamTran Thi Huong